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Starry, starry night in ceiling lights

When you get a call from a client on behalf of a VIP in the UAE asking for your specialist lighting services, you jump on the case immediately. Naturally, we act promptly for all our clients, but when you’re dealing with this level of dignitary the need was to act fast. Anonymity is also important here, but the story of the project is ours to share with you!

The brief was simple but specific – to achieve the night sky look in the main entertaining room of the Club House, situated on the estate of a private residence. The night sky? Easy! … Well, it wasn’t. It was a complex, labour intensive job that involved removing the entire 100m2 ceiling. It then took our team a week and a half to complete the project.

UAE Picture2UAE Picture3

4,000 sparkling crystals were used!

We had to carefully feed 800 whole fibre optics through tiny holes strategically positioned across the new ceiling. Then each fibre optic strand had to be dressed with five crystals. You can imagine, I’m certain, the patience needed to ensure that each crystal was positioned far enough away from its neighbour – both on its own strand as well as the strands nearby – to create a scattered star effect across the entire ceiling.

There needed to be enough light in the room for guests to see by as the starry illuminations would only provide a gentle, sparkling glow. So the lighting designers created ceiling edge recesses in which to install hidden lights, providing a soft, elegant glow around the room’s perimeter. This technique is used in many contemporary settings these days. The result was stunning and the VIP was thrilled! We fear that these photographs don’t do it justice, but if you would like to see more pictures of this project, have a browse through our Flickr album.