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Bespoke lighting for Cocoa Restaurant, Dubai

Cocoa Rest Picture1It was a sweet treat for us, creating a brand new lighting scheme for Cocoa Restaurant in Dubai. A new restaurant, its interior was designed to give an old fashioned maritime impression, so naturally the lighting needed to reflect that old world feel.

There were three main elements to the brief. Firstly, they wanted some old fashioned theatre-style spotlights on tracks. These can then be adjusted and positioned to spotlight on whatever the restaurant needs highlighting during a particular time or season. Useful if they ever have art installations too.


Next, they wanted clusters of globe lighting hanging here and there within the space to give a soft glow. We had these made specially for Cocoa Restaurant, with each globe lampshade being hand blown to give that natural, authentically old look. For added authenticity, we sourced some old maritime pulleys from a boat yard here in the UK for pairs of globes to be hung from, as you can see in the picture here. We installed a row of three pairs to hang across one wall of the restaurant by their large windows, giving people from both inside and out a warm, attractive window scene.

Finally, they wanted five oversized vintage lights with large grey shades perfectly positioned in a row across the room so that the restaurant could then place tables and chairs strategically beneath each light, giving an appealingly well-proportioned space. Because of the size and shape of the shades, we arranged for them to be custom designed and made specifically for Cocoa Restaurant, giving a gloriously vintage look.

Cocoa Rest Picture2 Cocoa Rest Picture3

This project was a particularly easy one to carry out with no particular challenges or problems. Much though we love a challenge, it is always a relief when lighting installations go smoothly!

The Cocoa Restaurant’s menu is full of decadent, heady and chocolatey delights, both sweet and savoury, and well worth a visit. So the next time you’re in Dubai, make a point to visit and savour their elegant cuisine. And, of course, check out the lighting! Their website has a particularly superb picture of the whole lighting scheme.