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A Chandelier of Golden Raindrops

St Petes Picture1We were invited to St Petersburg for this commission. One of Russia’s leading gas companies wanted  a spectacular lighting display installed in the VIP Reception of their new Head Office. Not their main Reception, but a special one for VIPs only! The brief was short and to the point: Design and create an organic chandelier that looks like rainfall. Okay – we can do that! Don’t let anyone ever tell you that Inspired by Design cannot rise to a challenge! And we think you’ll agree that the finished piece really does look like rainfall on a glorious summer’s evening.

Working with many interior designers and architects over the years, we collaborated with Alma Cardzic (Alma Cardzic Lighting Design Limited, based in London) on this project. We have known Alma for 15 years, ever since meeting her at The ARC Show at the Business Design Centre. It was Alma who asked us to help her create this beautiful chandelier.St Petes Picture2

To create the warm summer rainfall effect, we designed the arms of the chandelier to encase lengths of soft lighting fittings. The casing of the arms are gold plated, and each arm holds strings of painstakingly hand strung amber Swarovski crystals. Hanging along the entire length of each arm, the strands of crystals gently sparkle in the soft light, their amber colour enhanced by the light as well as the golden arms.

Here’s a picture of the chandelier in our workshop, which gives you an idea of its size. We have a number of pictures of it, both in the workshop and in situ at St Petersburg, for you to see here.

We were also asked to create another light fitting that would be installed in their private dining room for VIPs only. Here is a picture of it in our workshop, which again shows the size of it! St Petes Picture3

Whilst we were working on the project, the BBC were filming at The Hermitage Museum across the road from us. On interrogation, it turned out that they were filming War & Peace, aired at the beginning of 2016. Our MD, Simon Shuck, was an avid viewer of the series, partly because of being so close to the filming. He was determined to spot himself in one of the scenes! Sadly for him, but happily for everyone else, he wasn’t in it. Just as well, as his modern clothing would have ruined the moment!